Nation’s largest social service organization receives 10,000 pounds of food for meals

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – They are the nation’s largest social service organization and now with the Corona Virus they are making sure they can service their communities in any way possible.

The Columbus Mid-Ohio Food bank delivered large amounts of food to our local Salvation Army Organizations. Jefferson County alone received ten thousand pounds of food. With these foods they are creating prepackaged meals for families.

The meals are all nutritious foods that one may need. They base the amount off of the number of members in the family. For example a family of one to two will receive three meals for three days equalling out to nine meals. And they are taking precautions to keep every one safe by creating a no contact pick up.

The community is also taking part. Six Steubenville football players along with their coach today helped out in a big way.

You know it really warms my heart. The Salvation Army has the red shield as our symbol. The Steubenville High School is known as the Big Red so together are the Big Red Shield. And we are helping the Ohio Valley doing the most we can. I gave the boys work gloves today so that way they were not touching any of the products. Made sure they were six feet apart while they were unloading and they just had a smile on their face

Erik Muhs – Lieutenant of Jefferson Co Salvation Army

Coach Reno joked that the boys had not had a workout in awhile and today was it. The Salvation Army plans to keep their hours a close to normal as possible.

They have also dedicated Fridays from 9AM till 11:30AM for senior citizens and those who are immune compromised.

Food donations are also not currently being accepted however they do ask if you would like to donate they are taking money donations to purchase this food. You can do so by visiting their website salvationarmyUSA.org.

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