New playground in Warwood excites children

WARWOOD, W. Va - Summertime in Wheeling just got a little brighter for some of our kids.

Playgrounds around the city of Wheeling are getting a facelift after city council approved $100,000 last year.

Randy Summers and his 5 grandchildren visit the newly remodeled Garden Park playground frequently. "We've been here a couple times since it's been finished or partially finished, and they keep asking to come back."

The vibrant blue and green paint attracts all children to come and climb around. Michael, Summers' grandchild, says, "I like to climb the green monkey bars."

This is also a huge improvement for the safety of children too. Summers says, "The older ones and stuff like that, a lot of the stuff was broken or not even on the things for kids to play with, and they were more or less just running around type thing."

Aidan Brady is also one of Summers' grandchildren, and he says that he's glad to see the park get a facelift, and that it has a jungle gym. "Yeah it's pretty nice. It's about time that they actually rebuilt this place. I'm really glad."

Wheeling Vice Mayor Chad Thalman says "The outdoor fitness equipment still needs to be installed, and some landscaping still needs to take place." He says that it'll still be at least another several weeks before that's done.

But this isn't the only playground in Wheeling that has seen improvements. Thalman says, "This is I believe the 8th playground that has been completely replaced in the city of Wheeling in the last two years since city council came into office, and over the next two years, we hope to replace several more playgrounds."

Summers is thankful to city council for rebuilding this once worn down park."They run around and play, it's good. Gets them out of the house."

The City Council would eventually like to work on the basketball court, but those plans are not finalized yet.

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