One Belmont County community is hit with a rash of car break-ins

POWHATAN, Ohio (WTRF) - Powhatan Police say 17 cars have now been entered, and items stolen.

Police say it started two weeks ago with one incident, and it has continued steadily since then.

They say the thief targets parked cars that are left unlocked.

"They're looking for change, looking for any car that's unlocked," said Officer Chad Nixon. "My message would basically be just to make sure you're locking your cars. Don't keep anything of importance inside the vehicle. If you're not going to be home, have somebody check on your house. Leave a light on. Make sure your garage doors are locked. Lock your doors, and double check, triple check. Make sure they're locked."

Police say they have some leads in the case.

They say the thief goes through the glove compartment and center console.

In two cases, he forced open the doors of locked vehicles, but the rest were vehicles that had been left unlocked.

Police urge people not to leave money, cell phones, iPads or tablets in the car.

Anyone with information is urged to call Powhatan Police at (740) 795-5755.



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