PADEN CITY, W. Va. (WTRF) – Labor Day honors the workers of America – and Paden City does it right with the largest Labor Day parade in all of West Virginia. 

Co-Chairman, Susan Wade, says that this tight-knit community wouldn’t put on a celebration any other way. 

”Well, we are a proud town. We’re small, but we have great people and we’ve had a lot of hard-working people come from here and we just have to honor them and keep the tradition going.”

Susan Wade, Co-Chairman, Paden City Labor Day Parade

This three-day event brings together the entire community with food, games, live entertainment, and most notably the parade that the Paden City High School Marching Band is proud to participate in to represent their home city. 

”We’re all really, really, really grateful to be back together as a community and this parade is something that people in Paden City – since we’re so small – that people look forward to all year round.”

Isabella Snider, Senior Color Guard, Paden City High School Band

The local marching bands, politicians, workers, music artists and more make the parade so special for Paden City. 

Country music singer, Dewayne Spaw has been performing in the Paden City Labor Day Parade for 20 years now, and he says that he doesn’t see a time when he won’t come back. 

”I love it here. The people are good. They’re good people. They’re honest people. They’re nice people. They’re loving people and they welcome me every year like I belong here.”

Dewayne Spaw, Country Music Entertainer

Co-directors B.B. Smith and Susan Wade say that even though this celebration has been going on for almost three quarters of a century, they only see it growing and evolving year after year.