Challenge Wheeling is a unique, original scavenger hunt that benefits Youth Services System and young people in the Ohio Valley. 

It starts with all of the team captains in a circle, holding an envelope above their heads. 

When the timer counts down to zero, the teams rip open the envelopes and use clues inside to race to different locations and complete challenges. 

It is all done while wearing their most creative costumes. 

“They put their heart and souls into this race, but they put their heart and souls into the youth of this area which is really important. We picked Mario Cart because we really wanted to win first place in the costumes, and I mean, come on these are great!” said participant Dani Munas, dress as Yoshi. 

The team in first place wins $500, second place wins $100, and third place wins $50.

There are also awards for the best costumes, and some creative, handmade trophies. 

But the real winners are the local children and families who are helped by Youth Services System and its programs.

“This is unrestricted funds that come in that we can use for things. Someone might call us and say, ‘My child is asleep on the floor. Can you buy us a bed?’  We have the money to buy a bed, or a package of diapers. Because if you need diapers for your child, they’re expensive. We’re able to do that also,” said Tammy Kruse, Director of Development for Youth Services System. 

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