WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s typical for the entire family to go to church together on Sunday – except for some. Lawrencefield Parish Church in Wheeling is giving the four-legged family members of the home an opportunity they don’t normally get.

St. Francis Day is October 4th, and to honor his esteem of being a friend to all creatures, this church does something very special for the creatures that don’t normally walk through the church doors on Sundays. 

”We invite people to bring their pets or photos of their pets to recognize the importance in our lives and that they too are connected with creation and therefore, with the divine mystery, or God.”

Nancy Woodworth-Hill – Rector of Lawrencefield Parish Church

Furry friends joined their family members in a special service to do just that. 

After a little bit of reading from scripture, and a prayer that’s attested to, but likely not written by St. Francis, a piece of rewritten scripture was read for all different animals.

When they say every animal – they mean every animal, and Pastor Nancy says that it’s always a surprising day. 

”Oh, I think it’s just one of the fun things that I am privileged to do to recognize the place of all creatures and creation and to honor those relationships in our lives,” she said.