Speeders beware: Bellaire's traffic cam will be rolled out soon.

BELLAIRE, Ohio (WTRF) - The rollout of Bellaire's traffic cam will be done quietly.

Speeders won't get pulled over.

In fact, they won't even know they've been caught, until they get a ticket in the mail.

And they might be shocked at the price of the fine.

Right now the traffic cam is in a suitcase in the corner of the police department.

But once the signs go up, the traffic cam will be all over town, in the hands of police officers.

And if you get clocked speeding, you will get a ticket.

"There will be no warnings," said Bellaire Police Chief Dick Flanagan, "This has been talked about for five or six months."

He says speeding has become a real problem in Bellaire.

"Route 7 in particular," says Chief Flanagan. "That has basically become a speedway. There have been people up there going over 100 miles an hour."

So how much is the fine?

"One hundred dollars," says Flanagan.

"I think that's a little pricey, myself," said Jackie McGurty of Moundsville, "I think that's a little more than what people will be expecting. I think it's a good idea to catch speeders. But I think that's a little high."

"They love money," said Larry Fabry of Bellaire. "And that's one of the ways they're going to get it. It's all about finances, all about money. It's got nothing to do about safety."

"I think it's wrong myself," says Bill McCabe of Bellaire. "I think you ought to be pulled over by the officer who actually catches you. You shouldn't get anything in the mail. He should pull you over and give you a chance to look at the radar or whatever you did, and discuss it."

"Well I just don't think it could be justified," said Mick Ostrander of Shadyside. "And there's no way you can argue about it. And I think maybe it could have picked up someone behind you on the highway."

The chief admits some people feel the $100 fine is expensive.

"What's not expensive is if you're not speeding," he said. "If you're not speeding, you don't have to worry about it."

One bit of good news--a speeding ticket from the Bellaire traffic cam won't go on your driver's license.

There are no points involved, just a fine to pay.

It will be up and running in about two weeks. 

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