ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – The potential privatization of the city’s water drew a large crowd at Monday’s council meeting in St. Clairsville.

Protesters, who are in opposition to the sale to Aqua, were outside of the city building before the meeting.

Those in protest expressed that they wish more people from the community came out to support.

Attorneys, who negotiated the contract between Aqua and the city, were present to answer all questions from the council.

This was done for the public to exhibit transparency.

If the municipal utility is sold, Aqua will be regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Attorneys will take questions from the public through council and one protester had this to say before the meeting.

They’re going to raise the rates. They do not give up money and expect not to get money back for their shareholders and then some. I’ve been fighting and fighting and it seems to go nowhere because four members on council are determined they’re going to sell this water. I’m hoping they realize the people don’t want this water sold.

William Brooks, a St. Clairsville resident

While the attorneys answers did quell some fears in regard to cost and fees, skepticism is still widespread.

Many members of the council still want further negotiations to ensure financials, quality and other details are explored adequately.