ELM GROVE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Friends of Wheeling held a cemetery work session at Stone Church Cemetery where volunteers reset, cleaned, and repaired monuments. 

West Virginia has a large number of old and historic cemeteries that often don’t have many people looking after them. 

Machinery provided by Engineered Foundation Solutions are being used to lift and even out heavy stones, while Boy Scouts from Troop 6 and other volunteers are using special solutions to scrub and clean headstones to make the names more legible. 

Sharon David from the Preservation Aliance of West Virginia has reasons why restorations to cemeteries like these are so important. 

“Well, number one is it’s in the middle of a community and every community wants their neighborhood to look great, so that’s a priority. Number two, historic assets, cultural assets. People feel stronger bond with their community through their history and also, there are people all over the world in not just the United States that may have family members, ancestors buried in these cemeteries and it would be lovely if they could track them down and genealogical societies, historical societies have done a lot of work, but they need more help.”

Sharon David – AmeriCorp Member with Preservation Alliance of West Virginia

Later, they also honored 18 Revolutionary War Veterans who are buried at Stone Church Cemetery, sponsored by the Fort Henry Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. 

They want to thank the Ohio County Commision for their support in funding this effort to restore this large area of the community.