On Monday, Buckeye Local High School students had the chance to learn just how important it is to be safe behind the wheel.

It is all a part of the Arrive Alive program.

Arrive Alive tours the country bringing awareness to the dangers of texting while driving and drunk driving.

They do it all through a unique distracted driving simulator.

Students wear virtual reality goggles while the instructors tamper with their sobriety on the computer.

Arrive Alive team leader Aryon Austin said the system is a big hit with students.

“Nowadays, everyone’s about video games and virtual reality. They have all of these different things going on, so we’re trying to stay up with the times. This simulator makes it really fun. Students love doing it,” Austin said.

Arrive Alive is a national program, and this is the first time it has visited Jefferson County.

The program is currently being highlighted since it’s prom and graduation season.