WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – On Easter Sunday churches around the world are hosting services in celebration of the holiday. The Vineyard Church is hosting theirs right in The Capitol Theatre in Wheeling.

The Vineyard Church has been holding Easter services since their conception 40 years ago, and the turnouts grew so large they have held mass at The Capitol Theatre in Wheeling for the last few. 

They estimate around 1,500 people in attendance this year as they filled the seats of the theater up onto the balcony. 

Campus Pastor Mike Camden says that opening up services at The Capitol has allowed for so many others who would not normally be able to make it to church have a place to call home. 

”What brought us to The Capitol is we wanted to be open for where all of Wheeling can come and experience the love of Jesus, particularly on Easter Sunday, which is why we started doing services on Easter here even before we moved our Sunday services. But then we decided a few years ago to move our Sunday services here. So, the entire city of Wheeling and the community can come and experience the love of Jesus.”

Mike Camden – Campus Pastor, The Vineyard Church

He says between the Easter Egg hunt to their packed Easter Service, it has been a successful and overwhelming celebratory weekend. 

The Vineyard hosts mass at The Capitol Theatre in Wheeling every Sunday at 10:30am and anyone is welcome to attend.