It started as a project to help people in homeless camps to get their garbage hauled away.

But it morphed into an outreach organization that cleans up the landscape, and helps people with their toughest projects.

They call themselves Trash Talkers.

They got started two years ago with one retired educator and her pickup truck.

Homeless people appreciated that she would haul away their garbage bags, so they wouldn’t draw vermin.

Soon, they started helping her.

And other people, all over the area, saw them out working and started asking for help with their projects.

“They have garages that need cleaned out,” said Paula Riethmiller, Trash Talkers project director. “They have attics that need cleaned out. They ask us if we can help them and they give us donations to help them do those things. They might say they need their grass cut every two weeks, and we have a regular lawn service that we provide in the summer. We do the jobs that you don’t want to do yourself!”

She says they pick up junk like old appliances.

They even dismantled and hauled away an old trailer for a Bridgeport man.

They pick up scrap metal for free, then take it to the scrap yard for money.

They plow the money back into the budget, to buy gas for the truck and lots of garbage bags.

You can contact Trash Talkers by private message on Facebook, or call Riethmiller at (740) 310-4088.

Trash Talkers are an outreach project of the House of Hagar, and they are also associated with GrowOV.