MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — The Unity Center in Benwood is inviting the public to see the extensive renovations that have been taking place at their facility since 2019.

The remodel was just recently completed and the Center is ready to show off improvements made to both floors of the building. Project Best took on the first floor remodel as part of a community project. 

The lounge, full-sized kitchen, and children’s program room are just some of the areas that have been renovated.

” People that are in active substance disorder. They get used to kind of being in a less than ideal condition and we wanted to be able to provide then with a a place that is nice and homey and comfortable for them to come and find their recovery because that’s what they deserve. They deserve better than the life they were living in their active addiction. So we made that possible with the help of the community,” says the center’s Executive Director, Mary Hess.

The Unity Center is a community addiction recovery center whose mission is to meet the needs of the community struggling with addiction in a warm and friendly environment.