The Salvation Army of Ohio and Marshall counties is looking for bell ringers for their upcoming Christmas kettle campaign.

And they’re willing to pay them.

They need ringers in Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler counties.

To illustrate the importance of the job, they have some catchy questions.

How do you help put a roof over someone’s head with just one hand?

How do you serve dinner to someone you’ll never meet?

And how do you feed 13 people in one hour?

The answer: be a bell ringer.

“We absolutely pay people to ring bells!” says Ashley Kotson,  Salvation Army community relations director. “You come in, fill out an application and we’ll get you rolling. We can do part-time or full-time positions. We really need ringers this year, and especially volunteer groups. Churches, schools, high schoolers. I know a lot of the high schools now are requiring volunteer hours.”

If you want to do it as a volunteer, you can sign yourself up online at register to www.registertoring.com.

You can see the calendar, pick up your location and fill out all your slots to volunteer.

To do it as a paid employee, call (304) 233-4400 and ask for an appointment to go in and apply.