WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Names of teachers have been pouring in for 7NEWS’ Golden Apple Awards! So, once we knew our first winner, 7NEWS and The Health Plan snuck into a sociology class at Wheeling Park High School and caught everyone completely off guard!

We’ve heard about so much you do in the classroom. And all you do to help these kids here at Wheeling Park. So here at The Health Plan we wanted to present you with $250 for supplies for your classroom.

Haley Wade, The Health Plan

Chalmer Moffett was named the first ‘Golden Apple’ award. He was randomly selected after multiple nominators put his name in the hat.

I know of his personality and knowing him his whole life he’s going to make a big impact here at the school and the kids love him.

He’s so laid back. He’s like a big kid himself. He still watches cartoons. I think the kids can relate to him.

Taryn Munday, Chalmer’s cousin and nominator

We caught up with Wheeling Park’s principal right before the big surprise. She knew Mr. Moffett when he was just Chalmer. A football standout and a 2015 graduate. 

He’s pretty beloved around here. He’s our tennis coach. He’s a part of our student life team. He’s one of our sponsors for student council, so he’s definitely a golden apple. 

Meredith Dailer, Wheeling Park Principal

Tennis? But I thought he played football at West Liberty University… Well, when Mr. Moffett heard they needed a coach, he grabbed a racquet for the first time ever and said ‘sign me up.’ 

“I watched a lot of videos to find out the rules. Played a lot of Wii tennis,” joked Mr. Moffett.

Nominators say he must be so many kids’ favorite teacher. 

He tells his students, ‘You might not do calculus every day when you grow up, but politics are something that will impact your life all the time.’

It is not really politics, but he will go down in history as the first ever ‘Golden Apple’ winner. So, how does it feel? 

“That is super exciting and humbling at the same time too. I don’t know. I just try to wake up every day and I honestly do love my job. It’s a really good feeling. You know? And it’s really not work coming to school today and having fun with kids.” 

Mr. Chalmer Moffett, Golden Apple Winner

If you want to surprise a school staff member that you know or love, we’re still taking nominations, head here to nominate today.