WEIRTON, W.Va. (WTRF) – Weirton is doubling down on its preventative measures by cleaning the city, and that starts with public transportation.

If we just do the small little things, it helps with the big things such as the epidemics that you all are hearing about.”

Jessica Elias, VP of Marketing at Apollo Pro Cleaning and Restoration

Since the heightened awareness of spreading viruses, taking the bus doesn’t seem to be the most ideal way to get around. But, the Weirton Transit Authority is getting proactive. While they do have measures to clean buses each cold and flu season, this year they are taking it a step further.

With the Apollo 360 Sanitization System, Weirton Transit sanitized all its buses. This disinfectant method uses electrostatic energy and claims to conquer not only the influenza strands but also the Human Coronavirus.

We transport children to and from school, so we want to make sure that they’re safe and protected from the flu on our busses. Our citizens are our
number one concern as well. And, we want to make sure that they know as well that when they get on public transportation, that we are doing everything we can to keep them healthy and continue to ride with us.

Donna Gialluco, Manager of Weirton Transit

It doesn’t end with buses.

Wiping down equipment after a workout has always been a common practice, but now at the Weirton Millsop Community Center, they are taking on extra rotations with an aggressive plan, cleaning the 86,000 square ft. space nightly. Now, workers are wiping down door knobs and railings throughout the day.

Basically what we’ve done is double that effort. So, we realize that on a daily basis, we’ve been doing that all 342 days we’re open. And what we’ve done now is we’ve increased that to a couple times a day.

Coty Shingle, Executive Director of Weirton Board of Parks

Hancock County’s Homeland Security said in a statement that though there are 126 confirmed cases in the United States, there are still no documented cases in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania. However, the best advice given? When sick, don’t go out in public.

Obviously everyone is worried about the Coronavirus, but we have to understand that there are also viruses that are caused by germs and bacteria that have even a higher mortality rate than the Coronavirus.

Coty Shingle, Executive Director of Weirton Board of Parks