WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A Wheeling church is changing its name after leaders decided it is time to get with the times. 

Covenant Community Church, or known uniquely as “C3,” is keeping the acronym but swapping one of their ‘C’s.  

Coming up to its 20th anniversary of being a church, Pastor Ted Dodd says the word “covenant” served for its time, but now he feels the term is falling on deaf ears. 

Dodd explained a “covenant” is an unbreakable contract with God but most of the younger generation does not know that.

As a non-denominational church, Pastor Ted says fighting to bring in the new generation has been tough. So, they’re replacing “covenant” with a word they feel is more about their message. 

“Christ Community Church makes a lot more sense for who we’ve become and how we’ve grown to see what’s really central to the people here at C3”

“I do think churches today can feel very intimidating for folks. Especially over the last couple years, it feels like churches can be a very divisive place. But I think as long as we’re here focusing on the main things of our faith, that that creates an opportunity for folks to come.” 

Ted Dodd, Co-Pastor at C3

He says, shockingly, church elders welcomed the change. 

Christ Community Church is already living up to its name with the fifth annual ‘Mudlympics’ held on Saturday where kids rolled around in mud and ate pizza. Fellowship like this is what Pastor Ted says shows the true message of their church.