The West Virginia Days of Hope weekend kicked off with an interfaith service at 3 p.m. Friday at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, with clergy members from four different faiths speaking on four different parts of recovery—action, respect, compassion and hope.

“We have to respect each other as children of God,” said Rev. Erica Harley of Vance Presbyterian Church. “We have to respect each other as people who are bound together who are bound together to try to do better.”

“We ought not give up on people because God does not give up on us,” said Father Josh Saxe of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church.

“All of us are stuck in a world where there is pain and suffering and struggle,” said Rabbi Joshua Lief of Temple Shalom. “And if we would help, then we would be blessed to live in a world where people are kind and gracious and helpful.”

“We held signs that we made,” said Amanda Jamison of Wheeling. “We held a honk-and-wave, and as we walked, people honked and waved. They noticed the programs that we’re doing, and they promoted us in safe recovery.”

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Days of Hope continues through Sunday.

All religious groups are encouraged to focus on people battling addictions and to reach out to them with help and hope.