Bellaire, OH (WTRF)-If you’d like to learn about the business world around you, listen up!

Bellaire might be a small town, but there’s more to do in Bellaire than you think.

It’s home to more than a hundred family-owned businesses: Many offer specialty services, like the Runners Connection and WSL Designs.

If you go to the Runners Connection, they do running assessments, while at WSL Designs, they have specialty-made t-shirts, or if you’re looking for a bite to eat, many of the family-owned restaurants in town, like Lil’ Gerardo’s, have special family recipes. There’s even an Escape Zone in town.

Some of these small business have been around for a hundred years, and they’re all coming together through the Bellaire Business Alliance.

“We want it to be a community effort. So, I think part of it is that support and the community wanting to come together, and for businesses to realize that we’re not in competition with one another. We’re here as a community to build a better Bellaire.”

Theresa Palkovic, Bellaire Business Alliance

The Bellaire Business Alliance believes the town will only grow from here.

There’s a lot of businesses in the area, but they hope to bring even more businesses to town, especially those that cater to families and benefit the community.