WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-Wheeling Central Catholic High School is bringing Christmas miracles to families in need, but not without extra helping hands.

It’s the high school’s 51st canned food drive, which is known as the largest food drive in the Mountain State.

If you live in Wheeling, you’ve probably noticed a brown bag from Central Catholic High School at your door step. It’s all to help those in need.

They’ve dropped off the bags to take non-perishable food donations, and in turn, that helps Catholic Charities re-stock their shelves. They’re taking boxed meals, canned goods, and other foods to help families make meals on Christmas.

It’s a tradition they do every year, and they can’t wait to give back to even more families this year.

“Well, it’s important to us, to our school community that provide this service, and we are so grateful to our neighbors throughout Wheeling. They are always so generous with their donations every year. So, it really is a complete community effort each and every year.”

Rebecca Sancomb, Principal

“It’s awesome. Our mission here is to think and act like Christ, and I think giving back to our community in the best way possible is providing for families that need help the most.”

Molly Brown, student

Central Catholic High School is picking up the bags at 9:30 tomorrow.

High schoolers dropped off bags at every Wheeling neighborhood, but if you didn’t get one or if you live outside wheeling, don’t worry. You can still help out.

Just drop food donations off at the high school or the Catholic Charities 18th Street Center.