WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Food trucks lined the streets of Wheeling’s Heritage Port to fill stomachs, hearts, and minds this Saturday. 

NAMI Greater Wheeling and The Health Plan hosted the first ever Wheeling Food Truck Festival to bring the community together, creating acceptance for everyone and spreading awareness by hosting 10 different food trucks along with resources throughout the Ohio Valley. 

”We really wanted to sort of spread that awareness about mental health because one in five people are living with a mental health condition. So, what better way than to have a food truck event where we’re able to send sort of positive messages about our mental health? We have vendors here, resource vendors to share information about mental health services in the area, and we just really wanted to create that community event to be able to have this conversation.”

Julie Gomez – Executive Directo, NAMI Greater Wheeling

”At The Health Plan, we know that mental health is health. If you had a broken bone and you went to the doctor, that’s the same as if you were struggling with depression or anxiety and sort of sought out help from a practitioner as well. So, we just want to destigmatize that. And NAMI does a fantastic job. We’re incredibly proud to support that.”

Haley Wade – Public Relations Strategist, The Health Plan

”Being a combat veteran of the war in Afghanistan, a lot of my battle buddies have suffered with PTSD and mental health. It’s very important to me. It hits home. So, if we can come down here and try to bring some people down here for a good cause and raise some awareness and pass out some information for some people, then it’s a it’s a win-win.”

Patrick Fisher – Founder/Owner, Mason Dixon Barbeque Co.

Suicide, which is one potential mental health crisis, is the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 10-34.

Resources like NAMI Greater Wheeling and The Health Plan are always available for help, and the suicide crisis number is 988.