The Wheeling Human Rights Commission received an update Wednesday on the status of the Wheeling Life Hub project.

The low-bar homeless shelter is being created in the former First English Lutheran Church on 16th Street.

Organizers plan to open December 15 or sooner, in place of the former Winter Freeze Shelter.
They are learning exactly what is allowed–in terms of fire safety regulations–in their new building.

“We recently just had Chief Schwertfeger and our city fire marshal Jamison, Chief Jamison, come through the facility and they are going to get back to us to let us know how many people that can actually stay there, how many occupants. We do have approximately a couple thousand square feet more than where we were at the ballroom this past year so we’ll definitely be able to house the 50 or 55 but we’re hoping for a little bit more.”

Melissa Adams, Wheeling Homeless Liaison

“The opportunity for collaboration amongst many of the social services non-profit agencies in our community all working together, I’m certainly encouraged at the progress that’s being made. And I’m hopeful that all those who are in need of food and clothing and shelter across our community will find that we live in a very generous and supportive place.”

Rabbi Lief, Chair, Wheeling Human Right Commission

They will begin to set up beds soon, perhaps next week. Sleeping quarters will be separate for women and men. They still need to raise money for the program.

To donate, you can mail a check to The Life Hub, c/o Wheeling Housing, 11 Community Street, Wheeling, WV 26003.

You can also donate online at The Life Hub site and click the donation button.

Or you call or text Melissa Adams, Wheeling Homeless Liaison, at (304) 551-2118.

They also need volunteers.

Adams said they are looking for people who are “strong and well along in their recovery, to be a positive influence in people’s lives.”

She said they could spend a few hours with the residents in the evenings, with no need to stay overnight.