Wheeling, WV (WTRF)-After a two-year-wait, Wheeling’s Heritage Port has come alive again with vendors, live music, dancing, and of course, lots of tasty Italian food for its third and final day of the festival.

Undo’s Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival is a tradition to many, but some are first-timers.

“This is my first time.”

Russ McGruger, festival attendee

“Just passing by. Staying for the weekend, and saw this as something going on.”

Bo Sullivan, festival attendee

“Oh no, we just moved here, and we love it, and we’re having a great time!”

Joseph Fulgione, festival attendee

… While others go every year, as far back as they can remember.

“We’ve probably been here 30, 35 years. We come every year.”

Lynn Allen, festival attendee

“It’s something I look forward to on a yearly basis.”

Stephaine Laube, festival attendee

It’s a good time had by all, but this festival really takes on another meaning to some, even taking Stephaine Laube back to her own family roots.

“I am Italian, so my parents came over from Italy on the boat. I love coming down and watching the different acts and the different Italian songs. It brings me back to my childhood.”

Stephaine Laube, festival attendee

But whether or not people attending have Italian ties to this festival, there’s still one thing everyone can count on here.

“Oh the favorite part… Well we went to church, so of course that’s number one, but then the food is excellent. It’s very authentic.”

Joseph Fulgione, festival attendee

“The food is always very good.”

Stephaine Laube, festival attendee

“It’s just a fun festival, and I love the food.”

Phil Laube, festival attendee

And many are planning on making another return when it comes back next year.

“Oh yeah, I think every Italian or wanna be Italian should want to come out here and make sure this festival continues for many years.”

Stephaine Laube, festival attendee