West Virginian has yet again landed at the bottom of another economic list.

This time the state has ranked 50th as the poorest State in the United States.

The survey by 24/7 Wall Street based its low findings for the Mountain State on the median household income.

West Virginia also ranks among the worst in a number of other key socioeconomic indicators such as Unemployment rate, poverty rate, and  percentages of families who earn less than $10,000.

Dr. Wilfird Csaplar Jr. said there are a lot of things that can be done to fix this problem.

“Improving education, less government regulations, and we need to diversify. We have too much money in just a few industries,” said Bethany College Economics Professor, Dr. Wilfrid Csaplar Jr..

He said the state focuses on three big industries ,coal, fracking, and health care.

“Health care isn’t a growth industry. Fracking is right now temporarily but in a decade or so it’s going to start having problem,” said Dr. Csaplar. “Coal is going to have problems because fracking is making it so it’s obsolete.”

 Dr. Csaplar said West Virginia does not have a good educated work force. And with out one it is harder to earn more money.

“One thing that might be helpful is to help with trade schools. Not everyone goes to college. Going to college is a good idea,” said Dr. Csaplar. “I think more West Virginia should go to college, but trade schools are also good paying jobs.”

West Virginia has a population of over 1.8 million people.

The state has a poverty rate of 19.1%.