WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — You hold your arms, your teeth chatter; you can’t get comfortable. Most of us hate the feeling of being cold, and while winter definitely is not here yet, YSS is getting ready for it.

The Youth Services System is asking you to put yourself in another person’s shoes, or lack thereof, as their Stuff The Truck event is revving up to get their Winter Freeze Shelter ready to go before the snow falls. 

The supplies piled into last year’s truck helped almost 200 people weather 2020-21’s winter.

We helped 194 people at last year Winter Freeze Shelter. They come in, they’re able to get a warm meal, have a little time to visit with friends, rest and then they get up in the morning and are able to leave with breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. 

Terra Crews, Director of Development at Youth Services System

The Stuff The Truck event sets out to make someone’s life easier out in the cold. 

The full list of supplies needed is here:

But out of that list, what is the hottest ticket item?

“Underwear! Undergarments. We change them everyday, right? So, when they’re limited, that’s something they really appreciate. And socks. That’s something they’re always asking for.” 

Terra Crews, Director of Development at Youth Services System

The cold reminds us that basic supplies for some are luxuries for others.  

The shelter provides a warmth that goes deeper than a meal. It’s the heat of a smile that reaches the heart. You’re adding to someone’s quality of life, not just survival. 

It’s going beyond their basic needs and showing that people out their still love and care for them. And it helps them leave with more than just a full stomach, right? It gives them hope.

Terra Crews, Director of Development at Youth Services System

The shelter opens December 15 and goes until March.

Stuffing the truck kicks off this weekend, October 9, at The Highlands’ Walmart parking lot from 9 to 2, and the same time on October 10 at the Sam’s Club parking lot in St. Clairsville. 

Then the final truck stuff will be on Saturday, October 23, at St. Michael’s parking lot. 

There will be a list at the site as well.