WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Youth Services Systems is continuing to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Y-S-S held an all day virtual conference today to further educate social workers, counselers and addiction prevention professionals.

The conference included several guest speakers discussing different topics concerning at-risk youths.

Topics included adolescent mental health, building assets for youth and addiction prevention.

The goal of the conference was to keep professionals aware of any negative signs in at-risk youth.

It’s just building those skills in us, letting us be able to come back and recognize the signs and symptoms.  Just know what to look for when we do get to have those face to face interactions again, even if it’s via Telehealth or anything like that, they’ll be able to pick up and notice those things.

Lori Garrett-Bumba | Director of Prevention Services at YSS

Lori Garrett-Bumba says they will be looking to do more training sessions like the one today due to the importance of knowing the skills that were discussed.

Topics and speakers included: