WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – With an increased demand for product Ziegenfelder Co. has the need to produce more of their iconic twin pops by expanding into other areas of the country. 

Right now, Ziegenfelder Co. has locations in Wheeling, West Virginia, Denver, Colorado, and Chino, California and they have just received the Governor’s Texas Enterprise Fund Grant to expand to Lockhart, Texas. 

Kevin Heller, President of the Ziegenfelder Co., says that this expansion means a great deal to everyone involved. 

”It’s exciting for the growth of our company to be able to continue to grow, and really to continue to provide more opportunities for our employees and to better serve our customers so that we can give our customers more product.,” said Heller. “They want more product, and with this expansion in our production capacity, we’ll be able to better serve all of our customers around the country.”

Besides the goal of providing more employment opportunities and more production for customers, Ziegenfelder Co. hopes to see their twin pops on the shelves of every grocery store across the country.