GRAFTON, W.Va. – The sun is shining, the heat’s cranked up, so why not kick back, relax, and jump off some inflatables at Tygart Adventure Lake at Tygart Lake State Park in Taylor County.

“Tygart Lake is a water park, actually it’s an adventure water park where you climb up these big toys and go on slides and spin on spears and the saturn and have a really good time,” said Paul Buechler, the CEO of Tygart Adventures.

Brand new for the summer of 2021, kids of all ages can swim in one of the largest lakes in the Mountain State, lounge on the beach, build a sandcastle, or even do some of these kids’ favorite activities.

“The slides, and jumping off of things.” exclaimed Addison and Kynlea Dalton of Morgantown.

There are 25 inflatables that children and adults can enjoy.

From an obstacle course in the deep end to a spider climber and rocking chairs. There are also a few kayaks or paddleboards to rent if you want to give them a try.

Birthday parties or picnics with the view of the lake, while having a blast in the water, are also an option.

They put this water park at Tygart Lake this year and we are excited to have it here locally. We think it would be great to drive more business, more tourism. It’s a great lake. I had a great time here as a kid myself.

Chuck Peters, Grafton

To purchase tickets, as well as to see the days and hours of operation, go to the West Virginia State Parks website.

“I like it because you can play a lot more here and it’s better than Tygart Lake itself,” said Hannah Dowdy of Grafton.