Wheeling, WVa.- (WTRF) It’s a girl!

7 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 inches long, born at 8:03, Skylar Grace.

Sister Melissa McCulley, “We’re just so, so happy for Skylar to finally be here.”

Mom, Nicole, and dad, Brian, of Moundsville the proud parents. 

“He and Nicole have wanted children for years,” says Melissa McCulley,  “She’s going to be a great mom. He’s going to be a great dad and he’s my hero so, of course, I would be here for him.” 

Skylar’s grandma, Roxzann, and, aunt, Melissa McCulley, decided she was certainly worth the wait.

Even if that meant, waiting in the parking lot at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital. 

Melissa McCulley says, “I’m so proud to call him my brother especially today for him being a first time dad.” 

Roxzann McCulley says, “This will be my fourth grandchild and I was at the hospital until wee hours in the morning. Sometimes waiting for the birth of my grandchildren so I had to be here for this one also.” 

The two wanted more than anything to be there in person to hold the little bundle of joy, who was delivered by C-section, but knew that, in a pandemic hospital restrictions would prevent them from being there to support the new parents.  

Melissa continues, “He’s a big guy of 6’10” so him holding a little baby clearly giant meets little one. It’s an unreal experience to see your hero finally become dad that he’s wanted for so many years.” 

They started tailgating at 6 AM. 

 It was a chilly 38 degrees, but the two say there was nowhere else they would rather be. 

“It’s not very common to tailgate at a parking lot especially without hotdogs and hamburgers and steaks and beer but this is what we did,” says Melissa, “This is what we did at 6 AM. We were here bright-eyed waiting for her because that’s what you do for family. You show up in anyway shape or form you can.” 

Roxzann says, “Melissa came up with the idea to tailgate in the parking lot. I was like all for it and requested the day off work and here we sit since 6 AM this morning. No place I’d rather be.” 

They eagerly waited for the phone call from Brian that Skylar was here. 

Roxzann was quite confident what her granddaughter would look like. 

“Absolutely felt like my heart was going to explode of course when your grandchild for the first time and every time Nicole went to the doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound she would send us pictures. The first thing we noticed was she’s going to have little chubby cheeks,” says Roxzann.

Labor and Delivery Room Nurse Emily Brown says, “I think it really makes the family feel even though they can’t be in the hospital waiting room to be there to see the baby makes them feel connected to the family still and know that they can still be close to their family and this brand new arrival coming into the world today.” 

Brown, who was in Nicole’s room at the time of the delivery, came out to the parking lot to check on the family and offer her congratulations. 

Brown also says, “It’s just a very special moment knowing that they’re here and they can celebrate her little birthday today just that she’s very newly-born and she already has people that love her that they’re waiting in the parking lot is really a cool experience. 

The family is hoping they will meet Skylar on Monday on Melissa’s birthday when they can hold her and take pictures maybe even seeing her smile for the first time. 

“Probably cry, we are a crying family. I would almost guarantee I will cry, ” says Melissa. 

“Like Melissa, we’re a crying family. I’ll be crying. It sounds kind of silly,  but I’ll be relieved because even though you see pictures on the camera it’s not the same as seeing a child in person to know that they’re here and they’re healthy so seeing them for the first time will be a nice relief, ” says Roxzann, “I’m very, very excited. Can’t wait.” 

Melissa concludes, “From the first moment, from the thought of her coming into this world, she was loved and she’s gonna be loved for years upon years after.”