Winterborn is a Video Game developer created by a group of local friends.
The company started when now Studio Head quit his career as a video game engineer to start up the independent video game developer

Kent went from working at Activision, One of the biggest video game publisher’s in the World, to live out his dream with his long time friends.

Trevor Osz is a Long time friend of Kent who also serves as the voice of Winterborn. He says he didn’t have the technical skills to create video games, so he did the next best thing and made a career of talking about them and he now serves as the Social and Community

Kent and Trevor are two of the five members involved with the company, it’s a ful group of friends who started their creative careers in Kent’s childhood basement in Wintersville, Ohio. The place that inspired the first game and the name of the company.

Winterborn’s first game Externus: Path of Solaris is still in development but was directly inspired by a table top game similar to Dungeons and Dragons. The members created theirown world and adventure in this table top game. The story line they created in Kent’s childhood basement started in Junior High and still continues to this day.

Winterborn has a lot more to offer with in depth looks into their video game world and lives.

You can support them through their YouTube channel where you can find trailers and other original content, you can help support through their Kickstarter or you can listen to their podcast How to Build a Game Studio which can be found anywhere you listen to Podcasts.