Justin Forzano grew up in Wheeling, went to Wheeling Park High School and eventually graduated from the University of Dayton.

His time at the University of Dayton around 2008 included trips to Cameroon for water projects that related to his major, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

While traveling back and forth to Africa, Wheeling high schools and colleges donated soccer equipment to Forzano which he utilized while overseas.

He worked in the morning and played soccer with the locals in the afternoon which is the first time Frozano seen the impact of sport to the lives of the youth.

After college, Forzano pursued his career in Engineering which landed him in Pittsburgh but his time in Cameroon never left his mind.

Soon after being hired in Pittsburgh, Forzano launched a youth development program, what is now Open Field, in Cameroon.

A program who’s mission is to improve the lives of youth through sport.

The program has now made it’s way to Pittsburgh with plans to expand even further in West Africa.

Forzano has multiple events coming up to raise funding for the program:

Saturday Aug 24 – PLAY4PURPOSE Tournament with a goal to raise $25,000, you can donate to the crowdfunding campaign.

Saturday Oct 12 – Taste of Africa at the Teamster’s Temple in Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Saturday May 2, 2020 – Wheeling Steak Fry at Sonneborn Shelter, Wheeling Park.