Pittsburgh, Pa. (WTRF)- Get ready to revisit your childhood in just a few days when “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” hits theaters.

A film based on true events through the later years of Fred Rogers. Since 1970, Chie Engineer at WQED Paul Byers, lived those true events and reflects on how special it really was to be friends with Mister Rogers.

“Fred was a special person, even if you didn’t know him personally you can tell just by watching his TV shows.”

Paul Byers | WQED, Chief Engineer

Byers and Fred Rogers met in 1970 shortly after “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” moved into WQED but the legacy of Mister Rogers started long before that when Rogers started in 1954 as a puppeteer on a show called “Children’s Corner.”

“He was actually one of the founding members of the WQED family.”

Paul Byers | WQED, Chief Engineer

Rogers’ legacy and the message didn’t just impact kids, it impacted adults too.

“Fred is definitely one of my main heroes and always will be. His message was kindness. He would always say there’s three keys to being a successful person. He says, ‘number one is to be kind, number two is to be kind and number three is to be kind.’ That’s the way I try to live my life.”

Paul Byers | WQED, Chief Engineer

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” comes out November 22nd and WQED is just one of three stops we’re making to celebrate, next stop is the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh.