Wheeling, W.Va (WTRF) – The Ohio Valley is full of History, especially the friendly city.

There is history at every corner of the Ohio Valley; tucked to the side of National Road is a small monument remembering McCulloch’s Leap.

The Monument is a hidden gem but the story is not so hidden.

It’s a tale of bravery shown by Major Samual McColloch on September first, 1777 as he was fleeing from three Native Tribes as they were surrounding Fort Henry.

Local historian Jay Frey says that it’s one of the two defining moments of bravery in Wheeling’s history and it’s one that needs to be remembered.

Knowing where you come from and knowing how the community survived is kind of an amazing story to be told and I think worth remembering.

Jay Frey | Local Historian

McColloch’s Leap is just one of many Hidden Gems in the Ohio Valley and we’re ready to find them.