Glen Dale, W.Va (WTRF) – This hidden gem sits quietly alongside Wheeling Avenue in Glen Dale but if you look closer you’ll be able to see four generations of family history.

The house that holds the history is the Cockayne Farmstead; It was the home to the Cockayne family who settled here in the 1790’s.

The farm was over five hundred acres, comprising all of present-day Glen dale.

As the years went on, the Cockayne’s became one of the most well-known residents in the area.

The Farmstead is a part of this areas past that many people might not know about.

We have a past and most people don’t realize that. They think we’re some nowhere town that doesn’t have any story but we do and it’s actually a pretty interesting one.

Kara Gordon | Preserved West Virginia Americorp Member

The Farmstead offers tours for anyone interested without any appointment. You can find more information about the rich history of the Cockayne’s here.