WHEELING, W.Va.- (WTRF) There’s a new place in town.

Take a drive to 989 Grand View Street in Wheeling and you will find Cliff House West.

It is nestled in what is called Vineyard Hills and it provides one of the best views around. 

Executive Chef Adam Luiso says, “You have an incredible view of Wheeling, West Virginia and the surrounding communities here as well.” 

Roxby employee Ryan Kuskey says, It really strikes you. It’s striking and I have never brought anyone in here who says, Oh yeah that’s nice. Everyone says, Wow, this is amazing up here!” 

You may have stopped here at one point when it was called The Point Overlook Museum from 1992-2001.

It was owned by Chip West and his wife, Sally. 

In late April of 2021,  the West family sold the property to Roxby Development and renovations got underway. 

Fresh paint, new lighting and furniture, and some pool repairs and then on July 4th the event center opened its doors.  

Kuskey adds, “It is a pride of Wheeling, of our company, of our family, of everything.” 

Kuskey, who works on the business development side of things, says the building just needed a basic facelift. 

He describes Cliff House West as warm and welcoming with a contemporary design. 

“We really want this to feel like a welcoming place where everybody could have a birthday party, anniversary, reunion, wedding, anything like that, but also to have a modern art flair that has a lot of character,” says Kuskey. 

Roxby Development is devoted to supporting the Ohio Valley, everything from local artwork on the walls to local produce on your plate. 

According to Chef Luiso, “We are committed to helping local businesses and using sustainable product. Some of what we do here is work with local farms such as Grow OV. We want to keep it here in the Valley and we want to make sure we are using the best product that we can possibly source.” 

You can’t resist what Chef Luiso is cooking in the kitchen. 

For breakfast you can have an apple danish, a pecan roll, or how about fresh pineapples, red raspberries and blackberries.

How about toast points served with eggs in purgatory?

Ingredients include a poached egg in homemade tomato sauce with roasted red peppers add basil and rosemary and top with imported provolone cheese.


Chef Luiso continues, “We are incredibly excited about the opportunity that we have here with Roxby Development and creating these spaces and creating these venues which will allow people here in the Ohio Valley to dine locally as opposed to getting in their car and driving to Pittsburgh or Cleveland or Columbus. We want to keep the business here. We want to create something incredible and we want to share it with everyone here locally as well.”  

Whether you attend a bridal shower, a baby shower or your next Christmas work party at Cliff House West, one constant remains the bird’s eye view from above and the beauty you will see below. 

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