WHEELING, W.Va.- (WTRF) Scott Nolte began his career in 1993 with WTRF.

Now 28 years later, Nolte has joined the ranks of many other area sports legends as he was presented with the OVAC Award over the weekend at the 18th Annual Banquet Of Champions at WesBanco Arena in Wheeling. 

Nolte was inducted into the OVAC Hall of Fame. 

“It does mean a lot to me because of somebody saying you know what we appreciate what you’ve done. We’ve like the the work you have done and support you have shown the OVAC over the years.” 

Scot Nolte, WTRF Sports Director

Nolte was both honored and humbled. 

“It is a wonderful honor for them to bestow this on me and I am very grateful for that. That is for sure.  And I guess that’s another thing that I guess in a way is pretty neat is the longevity that I’ve been able to have here with WTRF and I’m very grateful to WTRF, the management, for the fact, that they have allowed me to do this job for 28 years now and it is an honor to hold this position. I am somebody who growing up as I kid I watched Channel 7 my entire life. It’s what he did during our dinnertime when we sat down. We watched the 6 o’clock news. So, to now be able to say that I’ve been a part of that family too over these 28 years and I am very grateful for this opportunity.” 

Scott Nolte, WTRF Sports Director

He’s seen slightly different pads, slightly different uniforms, the same teams and the same names over the course of nearly three decades. 

“The crazy thing that has happened now that many of those athletes I covered when I first started I’ve now covered their children and it’s kind of a cyclical type thing that you see happen and it reminds you just how long you have been doing this job.”

Scott Nolte, WTRF Sports Director

Nolte has enjoyed covering college, professional and high school games, but Nolte says there is one high school game, in particular, that stands out to him 

He remembers very vividly back to 2015 when Wheeling Park High School won its very first football state championship. 

“My son, Zachary, was on that football team. He was a senior on that team and most of the guys who played on that team were kids that I watched grow up. I was friends with their families, with their parents and because of Zac being a part of that class, I had the chance to get to know so many of those kids and had personal relationships and so when you have a personal attachment to a situation like that it makes it even that much more special. So, to be a part of that ride and to go along with them and to be able to enjoy that with my son as well and our family to have been a part of it that year that is what really sticks out, because of that, because of the personal connection I had and still have to that moment.” 

Scott Nolte, WTRF Sports Director

Nolte says he was given some of the best advice just the other day. 

“You can look at job in two ways. There’s a job you have to do or a job you get to do and to me and Channel 7 and working in this field, in sports broadcasting is a job I get to do. I’m one that’s fortunate. I get to do something that I love that I get to do, something that I love, that I care about that brings me joy and excitement and I am still excited about doing some 30 years later and I still do and because of that I do feel that I am a very lucky person for these opportunities I have had over these 28 years I’ve had at Channel 7.”

Scott Nolte, WTRF News Director

A big congratulations, Scott Nolte, as you have joined the ranks of fellow greats, locals like Sports Journalist, Doug Huff, and Bridgeport High School Standout, Bobby Douglas.  

“I’m lucky. I am someone who gets to do this job everyday and I hope I get to do it a number of years going forward and I’m just really appreciative for all that’s happened to me.” 

Scott Nolte, WTRF Sports Director

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