RICHMOND, Ohio (WTRF) – Sammis Plant company officials formally announced a shutdown in July, which will lay off roughly 140 employees beginning in March. This will affect the budget of Edison Local Schools, so officials there are keeping a watchful eye on their pocketbook. 

The financial impact of the plant’s closure is not yet fully known, but for now Edison plans to take an estimated $2.3 million hit to its budget starting in 2024.  

Superintendent Bill Beattie said the $2 million figure does not take all of the company’s land parcels into account and it will remain under review, but he was hopeful that funding from the Rover Pipeline will help cushion the blow.  

The district has been monitoring the situation since Energy Harbor first announced plans last year and has attempted to adjust their five-year forecast accordingly. 

Beattie commented that not only the district, but also Jefferson County and the Village of Stratton will be affected.