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Over to Harrison County where there are two candidates battling for the commission seat.

Dustin Corder is running against incumbent Don Bethel.

Both are Harrison County community members and want what’s best for the county.

Bethel has been a commissioner for the last three terms and says he wants to continue what he has been doing in the county with responsible spending and growth.

Corder says he thinks the county has become complacent and he wants to see more problem solving, more people working together, and more progress.

They both have this to say to voters.

I really appreciate your support in the past and I’m asking you to keep supporting me and to hire me for another term. You know I won’t forget that they’re the boss and I work for them.”

Don Bethel – Incumbent

“I would like to improve the communication, the cooperation, and support. I want to work to be like this with so many organizations that can bring a growth and development to Harrison County instead of maybe fighting a little bit and I think it’s time for change.”

Dustin Corder – Running for Commission “

The primary election for Ohio is next Tuesday, May 3rd.