BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — The polls in Belmont County are experiencing a brisk turnout on this off-year election day.

But there are also the usual questions, concerns, and confusion among voters.

The biggest question that officials are hearing today is where do I vote?

In Belmont County, people are still walking into the election board today, thinking they can vote there.

But that’s only during early voting.

On election day, you have to vote at your polling place.

They have 27 polling places, housing 70 precincts.

If you’re not sure about yours, ask a poll worker, and they can look you up on the books and tell you.

Speaking of poll workers, they have enough today, but next year, they’ll need more.

“Yes absolutely. I mean this year we are going through with an election right now. However we are already full steam ahead for 2024. Next year being a presidential cycle, there will be a high voter turnout so we will definitely need more pollworkers. We are always in need of pollworkers and that is probably the biggest thing we’ll need next year.”

Kamron Chervenak | Deputy Director, Belmont County Election Board

If you are still not sure about your polling location, you can also call the Belmont County Election Board office at (740) 526-0188.

They’ll be able to give you guidance and direct you to get to the right place before the polls close at 7:30.

Remember to take a photo ID like a driver’s license.

That’s now required in order to vote in Ohio.