Charleston, W.Va. (WTRF) – Elections are heating up in West Virginia.

Republican, US Army Veteran and Uranium One whistleblower Nate Cain is running for the 2nd Congressional seat currently held by Alex Mooney. Though running for a seat in Washington, he’s urging the West Virginia Legislature to take up a Parental Rights Bill in a special session.

Cain’s bill would enshrine into law that parents retain full authority of their children’s’ medical decisions, allow them to choose where to educate their kids, and ensures government cannot withhold vital information about their children from parents.

Cain believes that we’ve come to a point where long-held beliefs and rights need to be explicitly put forth into law in order to protect them.

“Parents, they are the ones who should be making the medical decisions for their children. They are the ones who should ultimately be in charge of the care and well-being of their children. And so this is really a bill to protect parents’ rights. It’s something I think that everybody with half a brain understands that that’s nature’s way, you know, and how we should be doing things.”

Nate Cain, Republican candidate for WV 2nd Congressional District

The bill would also bar state-sponsored books containing explicit sexual or other obscene content on public property, and has measures on limiting bathroom access on campuses to one’s biological sex. The bill also allows parents to sue for injunctive relief and legal costs.

Cain says these issues were all raised in a prior session of the West Virginia legislature but went nowhere.

Cain hopes that focusing on a state issue on his way to a national seat will show voters that he is truly focused on the priority of West Virginians.

You can learn more by visiting Nate Cain’s official website.