(WTRF) — Election Day is this Tuesday with important topics on the ballot.

Controversial amendments, political scandals and heated debates have all been a part of this midterm cycle. But even so, midterm elections historically get lower voter attention according to a professor of political science at Ohio University.

He says that even though the president is not on the ballot, the results determine a balance of power in both chambers of legislature.

The party that controls Congress has the largest influence over laws we as everyday citizens abide by.

“Well, in the Senate on Tuesday night, we are going to be looking at a handful of races of those 36. In particular, I’m going to be looking at Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. A flip in any one of those seats, or two or three of those seats, could determine whether the Democratic party has a majority or whether the Republican party has a majority in the senate.”

Kevin Spiker | Ohio University Associate Professor of Political Science

Spiker will join 7News on Election night as a special guest and political consultant.

He will be analyzing races in the tri-state area and nationwide.