WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF) — They’re two candidates with lots of Ohio County name recognition, both running for a seat in West Virginia’s House chamber.

Incumbent Republican delegate Erikka Storch is up for re-election, with her challenger being Democrat Teresa Toriseva, a Wheeling attorney.

Their newly created district stretches from the neighborhoods outside Wheeling to the Pennsylvania border.

Toriseva made it clear when speaking with us her belief that government is best staying out of our lives.

I think the government has the essential functions of fixing the roads, maintaining the schools, infrastructure, and then getting out of our way. And lately our government has been in our lives and in our way, but not doing their essential functions.

Teresa Toriseva, (D)-Candidate for WV District 4

Meanwhile Storch, a delegate since 2010, points out that her connections in Charleston have enabled her to guide constituents to the correct government offices when they need help.

Relationships and connections are really important I think in any aspect of your life, but with political and public service, it is a key component.

Del. Erikka Storch, (R)-Candidate for WV District 4

She says she has taken many calls about the recent Hope Scholarship ruling, with citizens concerned about how it will affect their children’s education.

I really love connecting people to the information they’re looking for.

Erikka Storch, (R)-Candidate for WV District 4

Toriseva points to her record of helping first responders as a trial lawyer, and describes herself as pro-police, pro-gun and pro-choice.

She feels that the current Republican control of the statehouse does not reflect the way voters actually feel about the issues, and hopes she can be a voice more toward the center of the aisle.

However, both are in agreement that government official should not be a full-time job.

I find the West Virginia government to be extremist and backwards. And that’s also what I’m hearing from the people. It does not represent our culture, it’s embarrassing nationally because it’s extremist. And the reason it’s extremist is because we have a supermajority.

Teresa Toriseva, (D)-Candidate for WV District 4

Government should be more like military service. Public duty service, a calling, a higher honor.

Teresa Toriseva, (D)-Candidate for WV District 4

We’re really ingrained in our communities, and we’re serving from those perspectives. So you have a composite in the legislature of doctors, lawyers, teachers, businesspeople, farmers.

Erikka Storch, (R)-Candidate for WV District 4

As for future priorities, Storch says she would make dealing with orphaned roads a priority if re-elected.

Toriseva cited internet as a pressing issue.