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Labor unions may be down in terms of their numbers—but if you ask Senator Sherrod Brown, they shouldn’t be counted out.

During his appearance in Steubenville this week, the Ohio congressman said that 70 percent of the population sees unions as a force for good.

He called the Buckeye State legislature and Governor Mike DeWine “anti-union,” and says he and Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania get up every day to fight for workers.

That’s part of what these elections are about, electing Democrats is really saying ‘I want workers to have the opportunity, not be forced, have the opportunity to join a union,’ voting for Republicans is pretty much saying ‘we’re not going to allow unions in the workplace.’

Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D)-Ohio

He and Senator Casey are supporters of the Protect the Right to Organize Act, which would change legal standards related to strikes and collective bargaining.

It passed the House last year but has not had a vote in the Senate.