WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — One West Virginia official has shared things the state of West Virginia is doing to prepare for next year’s local and presidential election.

In recent elections, there has been a lot of speculation as to how secure and accurate elections are.  

Secretary of State Mac Warner says the state had 17 new county clerks who joined others in a statewide training conference. Warner said the county clerks across the state are responsible for the equipment, the training of poll workers, and assuring ballots are accurate.

He also said that West Virginia has been a model for other states regarding election integrity and security.

Warner shared one step the state took to maintain the accuracy and security of elections in West Virginia. 

”Since I’ve been in office working with those clerks, we’ve taken off over 400,000 names. Not people, but names off of that. These were people who were deceased, convicted felons had moved out of state duplicates. So, we’ve cleaned up the voter rolls, we’ve removed those 400,000 opportunities for fraud that no longer exist.”

Mac Warner – West Virginia Secretary of State (R)

Warner also mentioned the state’s “see something text something” program that allows residents to send in photos or videos of potential election fraud that they see. 

Warner assures everyone in West Virginia that the state has one of the most secure and accurate election processes in the country.