(WTRF) – Voters across the Mountain State will be faced with a number of crucial decisions in this upcoming election.

In fact, four amendments to the West Virginia Constitution are currently on the ballot.

Amendment 1, it it passes, would restore impeachment power to the legislature. That power was taken away back in 2018 during an impeachment process of Supreme Court members. An alternate Supreme Court ruled that the legislature did not have the power to impeach elected officials.

Amendment 1 reverses that ruling, stating that no court of the state should have the authority to interfere in an election process.

West Virginia State Senator Ryan Weld, strongly supports Amendment 1.

The power of impeachment solely resides with the legislature. It’s not a judicial question. It’s not an executive branch function. It’s the legislatures authority and per-view to impeach officials and have the trial in the senate. This decision took that away and I believe caused great violence to the constitution here in West Virginia.

So, Amendment 1, if ratifies by the voters puts back in balance the separation powers and puts the authority to impeach solely with the legislature.

State Senator Ryan Weld, (R) 1st District

Opponents of Amendment 1, including the ACLU of West Virginia, say they believe the courts should play a vital role in insuring that impeachment proceeding follow basic rules of due process and fairness.