Residents of the Dallas Pike Campground and Mobile Home Park got devastating news in a letter this week.

They must be out by July 1st.

The property has been sold, and the new owners have no interest in maintaining the facility.

Residents can either take their mobile homes with them, or leave them behind to be demolished.

7News reporter D.K. Wright spoke to one resident, who says it’s a burden on top of a hardship.

Michael Ebbert says about 30 people live here, many of whom are elderly.

” They’re fixed or low income, they’re retired, there’s a lot of community members that have health problems.”

Michael Ebbert

Most of the mobile homes no longer have the axles or wheels needed to move them

“I would say a good 98 percent of the homes up here don’t have the equipment on hand today to actually pull this move off.”

Michael Ebbert

While there are firms who do that, there’s expense involved and a lot of red tape.

“There’s inspections that need to be done, permits that need to be approved, schedules that need to be made because they’re only allowed to be moved during certain periods of the day.”

Michael Ebbert

Michael will leave his trailer and move to a house. He’ll take his raised bed garden and clippings from his grandmother’s lilacs.

He says to give people 30 days notice to uproot their lives is beyond unkind.

“Extremely aggressive. Inhumane. It’s a burden on everybody that lives up here. It’s a burden on everyone except for the person buying this property.”

Michael Ebbert