JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) — Ohio officials are working to find a way to commemorate the late Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla’s hard work and dedication. 

There is no question that Sheriff Fred Abdalla was a beloved county officer and without him the town will never be the same. 

So, community members want to make sure he will never be forgotten.   

The Fredrick J. Abdalla Memorial Highway would run State Route 7 in Jefferson County along the Stratton area.   

A road that the Sheriff himself patrolled for many years.   

Ohio State Representative Ron Ferguson says friends of late Sheriff Fred Abdalla reached out about the idea and he thought it was the perfect way to remember all the time he spent serving the community.    

I always tell people he’ll always be the sheriff. That’s kind of how we all remember Sheriff Fred and so now you have this opportunity to see driving on that major, thorough way here in Jefferson County.

You’ll get to see Fred Abdalla Memorial Highway and that’ll really paid tribute to the 37 years that he put into the county.

Representative Ron Ferguson, (R) Ohio

He says the idea was voted out of committee in the State house last week so now they’re waiting to take a full vote.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine would be the one to make it official.  

Representative Ferguson says he has no doubt Governor DeWine will sign it.

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