BARNESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) The Barnesville Police Department executed a search warrant at a residence in Barnesville where they found large amounts of both suspected methamphetamine and fentanyl with the help of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Barnesville Police Department, the search warrant was the result of an extensive investigation that involved multiple agencies, including critical information shared by Monroe County.

As a result of the search warrant, three suspects are in custody, Joshua Haslam, 39, Chad Anderson, 41, and Jaran Whittington, 21.

Chief Sirianni praises his team as well as the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office saying, “his department was missing a piece of the puzzle needed to move forward with this investigation and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office had that piece,” they write in the Facebook post.

Chief Sirianni states that this shows the importance of information sharing amongst agencies and that without the assist from Monroe County they wouldn’t have had this warrant.

“He is grateful for the cooperation and assistance his agency receives from neighboring agencies,” the post writes.

“The department will forever work hard to keep the community safe and bring wrongdoers to justice,” Chief Sirianni says.

Haslam’s charges include Drug Trafficking x2 and Drug Possession x2. Anderson and Whittington are charged with Complicity in both Drug Trafficking and Drug Possession for their involvement.