Have you ever wanted to watch the movie Beetlejuice for 24 straight hours? Now you will have your chance.

TBS plans to air the movie Beetlejuice for 24 hours starting on Saturday, October 28 at 2 PM with its last showing starting on Sunday, October 29 at 12 PM.

Beetlejuice was released in 1988. Tim Burton directed the movie which stars Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Genna Davis, Alec Baldwin, and Catherine O’Hara.

The plot revolves around a recently deceased couple who, as ghosts haunting their former home, contact Beetlejuice, an obnoxious and devious “bio-exorcist” from the Netherworld, to scare away the home’s new inhabitants.

A sequel to Beetlejuice has been announced and plans to have Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Catherine O’Hara reprise their roles in the original movie. Beetlejuice 2 is expected to hit theaters on September 4, 2024.