WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Casting Crowns, a Christian rock band, will be filling the Capitol Theatre in April–but tickets just went on sale today.

You know the band as “Casting Crowns,” and they will be hitting the road for their “Healer Tour.”
Lead singer, Mark Hall, tells us in the over 20 years of touring–the songs he feels resonate with the crowd the most are the ones that deal with loss, like the hit, “Scars in Heaven.”

“The main story from our songs is if God can save us, God can save anybody. In our concerts, on the screen, all through the song, you’re going to see this is the scripture verse where this part of the song came from.”

Mark Hall – Singer, Casting Crowns

Joining Casting Crowns on the road is the band, “We Are Messengers,” and musician Ben Fuller.
The concert is on April 6 at the Capitol Theatre.

Mark says if you have family or friends going through tough times, bring them to this concert. He tells us that concert-goers will experience something that sticks with them long after the music is over.